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Zone Exercises – Healing Through Movement

Within this article I will be sharing about the healing benefits for the body of slow, gentle & relaxed movements – Zone Exercises!

What are Zone Exercises?

Zone exercises are a set of movements derived by my mentor, Paul Chek from medical Qi-gong that work to heal the glands, organs, joints, fascia & muscles of the body.

They involve moving different areas of the body in a very slow & relaxed manner, while harmonising the movements with a slow & relaxed breathing pattern.

They are fantastic for relaxing the nervous system, building energy in the body & are also a highly legitimate meditation practice if used in this way.

So really great for those who are looking for techniques to relax & unwind as well as those suffering from adrenal fatigue & exhaustion!

In fact Zones are fantastic for people who are looking to meditate but find it difficult due to a busy mind – Where you are focusing on the breath as well as the movement it becomes easier for the mind to zone out!

What do they do?

  • More energy
  • Deep relaxation effect with the body
  • Better muscle activation
  • More mental clarity & focus
  • Improves the health of the organs
  • Helps you digest food – so great to do around meals!
  • Helps boost digestive system health
  • Can help to move emotions through the body
  • Stretches the body
  • Mobilises joints
  • Can go a long way towards rehabilitation the joints & muscles of the body
  • Can be a good replacement for coffee & sugar &/or help to reduce
  • They feel really nice! Some people even say they feel high after doing them!

Zones can be be used to target the different areas of the body & support the healing process of them through delivering more oxygen & by pumping them through movement – which is our most important nutrient to them. They also help to gently mobilise & stretch the tissues that the exercises are targeting.

Above you will see an image of the spine & the different Zones throughout.

It takes energy to build energy in the system – by supporting the different glands & organs of the body the organs & glands then function better which leads to better & more energy production which is a good way out of exhaustion!

– For example a Zone exercise for the neck will deliver more oxygen to the thyroid which will help regulate the hormonal production of the thyroid which can help those with hypothyroidism. At the same time the exercise will stretch the neck & positively impact the posture of the body at the same time – often when there is an issue with an organ it affects the muscles around it making the Zone exercises a powerful solution for helping both aspects at the same time.

Each Zone has a different theme due to the different organ & gland systems associated with them. Working the Zones helps to work with these themese & harmonise the organs & nervous system as a whole leading to great energy, health & vitality!

How to do a Zone Exercise;

Connect to the breath & go as slowly as possible seeking to harmonise the breath with the movement – the breath & movement starts & ends at the same time. You can also repeat affirmations as you go through the exercise & picture the colour of the appropriate Zone that you are working. Perform each exercise for a minimum of 2 mins up to 20 mins! I advise trying this for 10-15 mins & check in with how you feel – I guarantee it will be different & good! You can put some nice flute meditation music on with a gentle timer on the phone so you know when to switch.

Relaxation is the key!

Check Fænix Coaching’s instagram page tomorrow (28th Jan) for a video of 3 Zone exercises :)

Also there is a fantastic chapter in the book How To Eat, Move & Be Healthy by my mentor Paul Chek (Credit to the above image) which goes through them all in great detail.

Also here is a fantastic video sequence detailing all of the Zone Exercises; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bxfdyy6v-Qs&list=PLEPErW5zEYfUbqXaNpKCyGpRW_qGpwWDX

For any help with relaxing your nervous system & bringing healing to the body feel free to reach out & we can talk about what is involved :)

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