Hip, neck & lower back pain resolved

With Jess’ guidance I have started to develop into the best version of myself both emotionally and physically.

He is kind, hardworking and extremely passionate about his work.

When I first met Jess, I was in constant pain from my hips, neck and lower back.

In just a few months, I feel like an entirely new person.

Not only have the pains gone, but my entire system and alignment has developed into an optimum positioning, where by I feel more energised all the time!

He helped me develop a daily routine that would completely change the start to my day. We also worked a lot on nutrition, meditations, and vision board to name a few.

He has taught me to see that life can happen for you and not necessarily against you.

Jess is a true joy to work with, and such a positive energy!

– Allegra


Jemma’s Experience working with Fænix Coaching

• Huge increases in fitness & strength
• To feel & be strong in herself
• A great feeling of health & vitality
• Lots of weight lost as a side affect on focusing on health
• Hormonal balance
• Less stress in her lifestyle
• Got her body back post pregnancy
• No longer in a calorie restricting diet
• No more lengthy aerobic sessions that didn’t get her the results she wanted
Great work, Jemma, smashed it! :D

Out of pain & on track for 1/2 Ironman

Xander’s experience working with Fænix Coaching

  • On the  way to his first 1/2 Ironman
  • Running for the first time in years
  • Compensation pattern changes
  • Calm, steady & efficient
  • Emotional release
  • Body/mind connection development
  • Mental toughness & mindset change

Better work/life balance & career change

George’s experience working with Fænix Coaching

  •  Better work/life balance
  • Career change
  • Better movement
  • Toolkit understanding
  • Prioritises himself over his business
  • Clearer mind
  • Better routine & structure

Knee pain to first marathon

Jess, well…where shall I start. He is a true professional and really loves what he does.

In less than 2 months to go until my first half marathon in Bath, he fixed my knee injury, after having it for more than 2 years. I was unable to run for more than 5 miles, as I had to stop during my training because of the pain and I was afraid to damage it further. I started to be very frustrated.

Then one day, my boyfriend suggested me to have a chat with Jess and in less than 8 weeks, not only he fixed my knee issue, but he also gave a lot of motivation and suggestions to run more efficiently.

We had an initial assessment where he analysed my posture and body flexibility and then he designed a customised program for me to do at home every morning.

After less than 8 weeks and 10 sessions with Jess, I finished my first half marathon in Bath in 2h09m.

I also run a full marathon in Buenos Aires in the same year!

I strongly recommend his running clinic to anyone who needs a treatment with an enthusiastic professional who loves his job and his patients.

– Adelia

Disk injury & lower back pain

I saw Jess at Faenix coaching recently to get help for an ongoing back issue I have. Having trained with him for fitness previously I already knew how brilliantly professional and knowledgable he was on the wellbeing front but this was my first experience of seeing him for an injury and rehabilitation work and…. WOW!! I was seriously blown away… the attention to detail that went into the consultation I had with him was incredible, he completely tailored my appointment to me and my specific case as an individual (and not just a conveyor-belt/generic diagnosis approach that I have experienced when I have visited other spinal experts for this same issue in the past!) 

He asked so many more specific questions than I’ve had in other back consultations as well as asking me to complete detailed couple of inventories before I even arrived (about everything from my current lifestyle/diet/sleep etc to pain levels I was experiencing and what impacts the pain etc) and then he spent the majority of the session asking me to move into various positions, measuring different angles and lengths of my physiology etc etc etc. 

I paid for a 90 minute appointment but he ended up spending closer to 2 hours with me (as his next client was running late) and not only did I walk away feeling freer in my movement and already in less pain than when I walked in, I also knew what to do to continue to heel my injury. 

He then sent a detailed follow up email with his full diagnosis of my injury and all the exercises and progression he recommended. I really hope to continue working with him for personal training and holistic wellbeing support longer-term but even if I didn’t this single 90 minute consultation alone provided me with more information and self-help movements etc than I have received from seeing several different “spinal specialists” over the years. 

He really is a true expert at an elite level and I would highly recommend him to anyone who’s looking for support with an injury (or just to get fitter and healthier) and who is keen to find someone that doesn’t just treat your symptoms but works hard to identify the root cause/s and then works with you to help you overcome them and become the healthiest, fittest version of you possible. 

Thank you again Jess, you are a true professional.

– Elisa

Knee rehabilitation

Life changing opportunity and continuous motivation from genuinely caring and enthusiastic coach. Clear instruction and meticulous supervision. Enjoying my training programme lots and recommend to anyone who is trying to implement changes into their fitness level in stable pace.

– Simona

180 Miles in 7 day challenge

When I approached Jess about helping me train to run 180 miles in 7 days, I had my reservations. Previous personal Trainers I’d worked with tended to either give me generic routines that did not respond to my specific requirements, or feel that the only way to motivate is to be aggressive and loud.

Jess totally broke away form these stereotypes. his bespoke and personalised approach was a breath of fresh air and made our training sessions something I looked forward to each week (most of the time!)

The programme was totally custom built for my needs. Jess delved into every part of the run, the distances I would be covering, the type of terrain it would be, right down to the clothing and equipment I would be carrying. Each week new elements would be added and adapted to ensure that all the muscles and sling systems were being worked in a way representative of the type of stresses they would be under. Jess also regularly would come to me with some new ideas or thoughts for me about the run. In that way the he became more like a support team than a personal trainer.

Having done quite a bit of running previously, Jess helped me become far stronger and more rounded than ever before. But what really made the experience special was there holistic approach to training.

A full body and skeletal assessment, analysing my frame and structure to tailor the programme to areas I needed it the most, was complimented by a detailed nutrition programme, thinking about my food in the months up to, during and after the run.
The programme was realistic and fitted within my wider routine, and that meant that the targets we set seemed achievable, and therefore that what they became.
It is important for me to understand how what I am doing works, and how it is benefitting me. Jess’s extraordinary understanding of the science of the body meant this was easy. But perhaps most extraordinary part of the experience for me was Jess’s commitment to balancing Mind and Body. He regularly challenged me to move out of my mind into the body. To understand how I was feeling and to learn how to respond when I felt low. So when I was doing those long training runs and started to think that I might have to stop, I begun to learn how to move beyond those negative thoughts and tune into my body in order to keep going.

I couldn’t have been better prepared for my challenge. Jess prepared me physically and mentally in a way that I had never been previously on other challenges. It made the whole experience so much more fun than I ever thought it would be. After 7 days I honestly felt that I could have done it all again!
Thankyou Jess – cant wait to work with you again!

– Ben

Aches & pains

Jess came highly recommended to me by my friend who thought I would really love his holistic approach. I have been having a few specific aches and pains for a while & was really unsure what to do in terms of whether to do exercise/yoga etc, and what was going to help and not aggravate my problems. I was feeling a bit lost and needed some positive direction. Jess gave me a thorough consultation including testing all my muscle groups to find out which ones needed working on to help improve my strength & posture & therefore hopefully alleviate my pains. He explained everything in very easy terms & really seemed to make the workings of the body make sense to me. He wrote me a personalised exercise programme to do daily, and gave me a renewed positivity that this isn’t just “how my body is”, I have the ability to change it & improve how I feel, which is really empowering.

Although I don’t live in London and can’t go for regular sessions with Jess, he helped me enormously in just a couple of sessions. With my exercise programme all being online with videos of each exercise, I can easily follow it by myself & will check back in with my progress every couple of weeks.

If you are looking for a personal trainer with a more holistic approach who looks at and recognises the importance of the mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of your life as well as the physical, then I cannot recommend Jess highly enough. His enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and clear instructions & advice are second to none. I can already feel the benefits of the training, the future is bright, thankyou Jess! Xx

– Naomi

Happy, healthy, fit & strong

For 6 years I had been dealing with stress related fatigue and gym induced injuries.

I was spending 1-2 hours five times a week in the gym with no results, unable to put muscle on and in fact eating less and less. My vegan diet was very healthy I thought but my hunger was very intense throughout the day.

After explaining my situation to Jess he created an exercise plan to calm my body and work on my foundation muscles/movement along with a dietary plan and vitamins to re-fuel my body.

I was quite shocked at the outcome of my bloods but felt very confident in Jess’s thorough knowledge and plan.

With his support I changed the way I thought about food and exercise and the results to my memory, body, energy are huge.

His wide ranging knowledge and joined up thinking of all areas, mind, body, nutrition and exercise meant he designed a program that would create long lasting life changing effects.

This had a knock on effect to my business direction, body image, self belief and so much more.

He is very easy to talk to and his calm professional manner makes talking about difficult subjects much easier than I thought.

Thankyou Jess! :)

Mulitdisciplininary approach

I have never met anyone so knowledgeable about all aspects of physical and mental health like Jess.

Since we started working together about two years ago, we went from creating a tailored exercise plan for strengthing my upper body, preparing myself for my first marathon, creating nutrition plans and now working on how I can get mentally even stronger.

Usually, you’d need to find three coaches to cover all these aspects. It’s astonishing how he keeps educating myself as well as seeking coaches himself to expand his skillset even more.

My partner had severe knee issues, and he fixed this within a few session so we could run the marathon together.

Super grateful to have met him.

– Jochen

First Olympic Triathlon

Training with Jess has, with out wanting to sound cheesy, been life changing for my fitness, health, figure, work/life balance, career goals and mental attitude. His level of knowledge and continual self education in fitness, excercise, nutrition, psychology and all the rest the goes with it is extensive and forward thinking. But his strongest attribute is he genuine pleasure in seeing you achieve your goals and his passion for helping you do so. This year im training for the London Triathlon, completely changing my business and well on the way to having the body I’ve wanted for a long time and I put a lot of that down my time with Jess.

– Lou

Knee injury - 1st marathon

I emailed Jess in the middle of the night after struggling to sleep with anxiety after picking up an injury while training for the London marathon. Sponsorship was pouring in and I was really worried I wouldn’t manage it.

I met Jess and he immediately put me at ease. He has a track record of success and completed a really thorough assessment that worked out exactly where I needed to target my energies.

He designed a great plan and helped me fit it around my life. We had clear goals and because he has run lots of marathons I knew I could ask him anything… from nutrition to chafing! In the last 4 miles of the marathon I knew exactly why he’d planned all the exercises we did together.

I could feel the endurance training kicking in and it helped me to get over the line. I’m elated that I managed it. With only 6 weeks of training together I went from limping to finishing strong!

– Jo

Weight loss & confidence

Thanks Jess! You’ve kept me motoring through personal training for six months now. You’ve become the highlight of my week. I walk with a bounce whenever I’m popping in. You’ve given me my body confidence back.

You’ve cost me a fortune in new clothes and I had to shell out £300 on new bras this week but I’m loving regaining my prebaby figure.

You’ve stretch my understanding of how my body functions at its best, provided me with new friendships, good karma and and a whole new way of being. Looking forward to the next six months!”

– Jemma

Fitter, stronger & happier

I’ve been training with Faenix Coaching for a while now and I’ve got to say it has made an amazing difference to my life. I’m fitter, stronger and happier and got a massively improved posture and mobility. Not only do you get training sessions tailored to your needs with Jess, but you also learn so much about how the body works, and how you can best look after it. I’d recommend Jess to anyone – he’ll work out what you need, where you need to be, and make sure you smash it to get there!

– Marty

Migraines & body alignment

Jess has the rare ability to make everyone he meets feel special and to really listen to what’s going on for them. His approach is refreshingly holistic, exploring the physical, mechanical issues along with the deeper emotional and psychological causes of your dis-ease. You instantly feel in safe, knowledgeable and caring hands. His passion, enthusiasm and general open hearted nature gives you an optimism that, if you follow his suggestions, a profound change and deep healing is possible for you.

– Abi

Poor posture, neck & shoulder pain

Due to many years being hunch over my desk, I developed poor posture and pains in my neck and shoulders. Something needed to be done and a friend recommended Jess. He created a bespoke program for me and it has worked like magic. The pains have now gone and I feel so much better. Thank you!

– Fred

Body mechanics

Jess has fantastic knowledge about human body, its mechanics and movement. He can give you exercises that feel like a child’s play but have a wonderful effect!

– Simi

Who are we?

Hi, my name is Jess.

I am a health & performance consciousness coach specialising in rehabilitation, high performance exercise coaching & helping my clients close the gap between where they are & where they want to be.

I have a background in endurance training as an Ironman triathlete, ultramarathon runner & adventure cyclist as well as having a deep love of picking heavy things up & putting them back down again! After many years of training I began to get pain through muscle imbalances in my body.

This caused me to have to put my endurance sporting career on hold in order to start asking questions of my body & of life.

I left my profession of mechanical engineering to pursue my passion in health & fitness & to search for the answers for how I could fix myself.

This found me diving into the study of the science of movement & pain rehabilitation – Mechanical engineer to Body engineer!

I got a little more than I bargained for! It turned out to become a deep exploration of who I was, how I was creating challenges in my life & ultimately what I wanted out of life.

This put me on a fascinating path of learning that has resulted in change, transformation, healing & growth in my life – & I can now run again pain free!

I am incredibly grateful to have the honour & privilege of helping others do the same for their lives through my coaching system, Fænix Coaching.


Faenix Coaching - a kaleidoscope of vitalisation rising.

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Faenix Coaching - a kaleidoscope of
vitalisation rising.

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