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To achieve any task, dream,  goal or objective it is essential to establish a clear idea of what you want as this acts as your compass & motivator for meaningful & lasting change – we find that without a strong sense of the dream or goal lasting success & motivation to continue on a program can be difficult.

This is the most important part of any change process as it is the key to helping you stay inspired & working towards what you want to create, whether it’s losing weight, toning up or having energy & feeling good or something in your life like a new project, starting a hobby, seeing friends or family or playing with the kids!

It helps us make the right choices that will lead us into a new way of being & keeps us in the game mentally.

It is the difference between motivation & inspiration – motivation comes from outside of ourselves & can be a doctor or a spouse telling us we need to lose weight or a trainer getting us to do some exercise – These are good to get started initially however they are not as powerful as inspiration which comes from within.

When we are inspired we naturally make better choices on our own that are more in line with the dream or goal which help move us closer to that place we want to be – If you have a clear vision of the love or goal it becomes easier to make better choices.

The saying goes “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there!’

***Vision Exercise***

  1. First think about what you want to achieve within either your program – it could be an ideal weight, a competition or event, to look & feel a certain way, to lift X amount of weight – or your life – it could be a project, quality such as more freedom, spending more time with the kids, changing to your dream career etc. Write this down on a sheet of paper. go wild here & don’t limit yourself we want to think big! Journal your ideas down on a piece of paper.
  2. The first step in this process is to create a really clear idea of the dream/goal or objective so we can reverse engineer what needs to happen to achieve it. You will create an I AM statement that EXCITES, STRETCHES you a little & SCARES you a little – this is the recipe for a powerful goal. It is important to make the statement present tense as you then start to align yourself to that statement in the now rather than it being a future thing that may or may not be achieved. You are paying it forward to yourself by thinking in this way which is an empowering way to be – this gets you making the right choices & decisions in the moment as our future is a direct product of the choices we make in the present.

An example could be;

“I am bursting with energy in the best state of health & posture of my life carrying no stress whatsoever. My body is flexible, stable & strong. I will achieve this in 90 days.”

      3. Ensure that your goal or dream statement follows the SMART principle;

      S pecific – The goal needs specifity otherwise direction can be difficult – non specific is like a compass that kind of points north sometimes – with this kind of compass getting anywhere will be difficult!

      M easurable – It needs to be something quantifiable, x weight lost, x kilos lifted x money earned – otherwise it can be difficult to ascertain whether you have reached the goal or not

      A chievable – Many goals can set out to be too ambitious potentially setting up tumbling from the pedestal later down the line. Look to make your goal around 50% more than what you previously achieved. EG if you earned £40000 last year, looking for a million may be a big leap! (although not impossible!). Factor in how much change & time you can commit to & work out if this is realistic & achievable.

      R elevant – Is this goal relevant to you in the context of fitting into your life? Does it help you move forward in the right direction generally?

      T ime limited – It is important to have a time contraint so that you have a guiding light as well as sense of urgency to inspire action. You can also track if you are on track for the time frame & make any nessesary course adjustments if needed.

  1. Think about WHY you want to do this – many people want to lose weight for instance but don’t think about the why. The why is so much more powerful for your inspiration than the actual task. For example I want to lose 10kg because this will give me more energy to play with my kids, it will make me more confident at work, it will make me feel more attractive to the opposite sex, it will mean I can get a faster time on my half marathon etc We are looking for good reasons outside of just I want to lose 10kg.
  2. Write down 20 – 100 benefits or WHYs that this goal will bring to your life. Focus on how it will make you feel to make it real. It is a good idea to get a dedicated journal book for this process & your work during the program. Write 5 – 15 per day & spread this out.

These exercises are a powerful start towards achieving your goals in fitness & life!

If you could benefit from any help setting your goals this year then feel free to reach out to us :)



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