FΓ¦nix Coaching's Practitioner Empowerment Course πŸ¦…πŸ”₯

Welcome to our comprehensive course tailored specifically for spiritually oriented coaches, trainers, and therapists. Our goal is to provide you with highly actionable and impactful information that will empower you in various aspects of your professional journey.

Throughout this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, develop effective techniques to assist your clients and patients, enhance your business strategies, attract financial abundance, and strengthen your spiritual knowledge, awareness, and practice. Additionally, you'll learn new coaching strategies and systems, allowing you to craft a powerful and authentic message that resonates with your core essence - one that will naturally draw prospective clients and patients towards you.

Join us on this transformative educational journey and unlock your full potential as a spiritually oriented coach, trainer, or therapist. Are you ready to Empower yourself?

Launch of the 6-month container; 2nd of September

Within the depths of the Practitioner Empowerment Course lies a profound journey, carefully crafted to empower spiritually oriented practitioners to manifest the business, life, and legacy of their dreams.

As health practitioners, we bear the sacred responsibility of catalyzing the global shift in humanity. Guiding our clients and communities towards greater realms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom and wholeness is our noble purpose.

Amidst the present crisis of our existence, our world teeters on the precipice of destruction, propelled by a collective lack of consciousness and an imbalance leaning towards a patriarchal society. However, our mission is one of utmost significance. We, as leaders in the health revolution, hold the key to ushering in the transformative healing that our ailing world desperately needs.

To truly embody our role as coaches, we must transcend just using tools and techniques. Our own personal transformation becomes the catalyst for our clients’ metamorphosis – We must become living examples of health, happiness, and wholeness, inspiring all those we serve.

Within the nurturing container of this immersive 6-month journey, you will undergo a profound metamorphosis. It is here that you will step into your full power as a leader in health and wellness. The hearts of humanity and the very soul of our planet yearn for your wisdom and guidance in these critical times.

Together, let us embark on this sacred path of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation. Embrace your calling as an agent of change, and become the beacon of light that illuminates the way towards a brighter, healthier, and more harmonious world.

MuchΒ πŸ’š & see you soon,

Jess x

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The webinars are;

  • Monday, 21st August at 7PM

Who is this course for?

Coaches, therapists & personal trainers who wish to;

What is included in the course?

Special Guests in the fields of holistic health, financial trading, vocal coaching & Olympic athleticism

There are a number of very special souls in the fields of holistic health, financial trading, vocal coaching & Olympic athleticism kindly bringing their energy as well as Jess running biweekly office hours calls to enhance the immersive learning experience of the course;

  • Jason Pickard – World Elite Financial Trader – The Abundance Archetype
  • Adam Burgess – World Number 4 In Slalom Canoe – Olympic Inspiration
  • Warren Williams – CHEK Faculty & & Coach Of Coaches – The Warrior Archetype
  • Francesca Blechner – Holistic Health Practitioner – Connection with the feminine & healing with bioresonance technologies
  • Doctor Voice – Voice Coach To The Stars – The Power Of The Voice
  • Bobby Ward – CEO of Vorto Trading – Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Matthew Walden – CHEK Faculty – The Science Of Pain
  • Mark Zawadski – CHEK Practitioner & Expert Ski Instructor – Powerful Programming
  • Jess Farmer – Biweekly Office Hours For Course Questions
  • Leigh Brandon – CHEK Faculty – Cultivating A Happy, Whole & Holistic Gut
  • Nico Becker – Holistic Alchemist – Exploring The Shadow
  • Bruna Benetti – Womb Healing Shaman – Bringing Shamanism Into Your Work & Spirit Animal workshop
  • Aleks Los – Kundalini Yoga Teacher – Kundalini Rising
  • Charlotte Donachie – Professional Astrologer – The Astrological Map Of The Psyche

Your Celestial Heroes Journey

Welcome to this transformative course designed to empower you with highly actionable and impactful information. Whether you’re seeking deeper self-knowledge, looking to improve your client and patient work, grow your business, enhance your spiritual practice, learn new coaching strategies, or craft a compelling message that resonates with your essence, this course has got you covered.

Drawing from my extensive experience working with a diverse range of clients, studying manual therapy and shamanic teachings, investing in coaching from talented practitioners, and conducting self-discovery research, I have synthesized this course to offer you a personalized journey of self-discovery, learning, and transformation.

Each module represents a step on the archetypal hero’s journey, mirroring the astrological wheel. Through this carefully curated progression, you will gain valuable insights, learn practical techniques, and engage in easy-to-complete tasks to ensure maximum integration of concepts without overwhelming you.

I Am – I Have – I Communicate – I Nurture – I Play & Perform – I Serve – I Relate – I Transform – I Expand – I Ascend – I Am Unique – I Dream

Within the course, you’ll find deliberate spacing between topics, allowing you ample time to explore and integrate each theme. While there are no strict deadlines for completing the lessons, I encourage you to go through as many themes as possible, as they are interconnected and build upon each other.

Additionally, apart from the online modules, there will be live sessions that complement the course content. These sessions will cover similar themes and offer further guidance, but their participation does not depend on the completion of the online modules.

Embark on this transformative journey at your own pace and witness the profound impact it can have on your personal and professional growth. Are you ready to unlock your full potential?

Live Tribe Zoom Calls

Our live modules are designed to be immersive and highly interactive, allowing you to engage with your colleagues throughout the course. During these modules, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of astrology, exploring its profound influence on the human psyche.

Each module will focus on specific themes, which we’ll discuss in depth. However, what truly makes our online sessions magical is the utilization of breakout rooms. These rooms provide a platform for open discussions, allowing you to connect with your peers, share insights, and even coach each other on various topics.

By fostering an environment of open sharing and vulnerability, many of our PEC Alumni have found this aspect of the course to be truly transformative.

Tribe In Person Meet Ups

Join us for an immersive experience during our course, where we will have three community meetups. These meetups provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the live module sessions and strengthen the bond within our community of like-minded therapists and coaches.

Being part of a beautiful community of individuals on the same path has immense value. As spiritually based therapists, it’s easy to feel isolated in our local areas. However, connecting with others who walk in a similar way can be truly transformative.

This unified sharing presents a phenomenal opportunity to raise our collective vibration and return to our homes with renewed inspiration for serving our clients, friends, and families at a deeper level.

During our time together, we will find harmony and get to know each other in the majestic surroundings of Epping Forest. Engaging in various nature-based activities, we will connect with the beauty of nature, ourselves, and the wonders of life around us.

To bring closure to our journey, we will gather for a special cacao ceremony and a weekend get-together in Loughton, Essex. The cacao ceremony offers a unique chance to ground ourselves, express our innermost thoughts through song, poetry, dance, or any form that resonates with our hearts. This ceremony strengthens and integrates the learnings from the course, empowering us to create a legacy through love.

By the end of the course, you will feel completely empowered as a coach, having gained valuable insights into both yourself and coaching clients, overcome numerous challenges, and received the unwavering support of a loving and warm community within a nurturing environment.

Course Modules

Ignite Your Dream! πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ”₯β™ˆ

We begin our journey by opening with a number of Dreamweaving concepts to set a powerful compass for your growth & development personally, professionally & spiritually

Embodying the initiatory energy of the Aries, we explore the Warrior archetype & what Warriorship means to you & how you can embody the Warrior to empower yourself & others in life

We open the beginning of the Fænix Coaching Archetypal Coaching system, identifying your 8 most dominant archetypes & how you can tie these into your business creative process

We learn how astrology is not only a map of the human psychology but how it is influencing all of life, giving us a fantastic avenue to create context for ours & our clients gifts & challenges

We explore the archetypal themes of the Sun & Mars & what they individually represent in your astrology chart, understanding your light & action gifts & direction

We start the first stage of the gut healing process – Remove

Live Session

  • Your Journey Of Empowerment
  • Meet The Tribe!
  • One Love
  • The Warrior Archetype
  • The Sun – The Light You Shine On The World
  • Mars & Venus – The Masculine & Feminine

Online Lessons ❀️πŸ”₯

  • The 1st House – I Am
  • Ignite Your Dream ‍
  • The Power Of Prayer
  • The Archetypal Process
  • 12 Faces Of The Warrior
  • Archetypal Coaching System – Finding Your 8
  • The 4 R Gut Healing Process
  • The First R – Remove
  • Astrology – Aries/Libra Axis – Self & Other
  • Astrology – The Celestial Heroes Journey
  • Astrology – The Sun – The Light That Shines Through You
  • Astrology – Mars – Action, Drive & Warriorship

Values & The Material World πŸ„πŸŒŽβ™‰

In the second module we begin to explore values & their importance for you & your clients & how they truly are your compass to reach your dream

We embody the grounding & stable energy of the Taurus archetype to turn our focus towards our finances & business, looking at your beliefs around & relationship to money

We begin looking at detoxification strategies & how to structure your vibration for success!

We explore the archetypal themes of Venus & The Lunar Nodes to better understand your soul’s developmental journey

Live Session

  • The Root Chakra – Tribe, Stability & The Material World
  • The Lunar Nodes – Your Karmic Path
  • Bust those limiting beliefs!
  • Your Relationship With Money

Online Lessons

  • The 2nd House – I Have
  • Values Are Your Compass
  • Structuring Your Vibration
  • Client Coaching Strategies – Keep It Simple!
  • Your Dream Client Avatar
  • Your Relationship With Money & Cashflow Forecast
  • Detoxification Strategies Introduction
  • Detox Strategies – Coffee Enema Detoxification
  • The Super Salad System!
  • Astrology – Taurus/Scorpio Axis Simplicity VS Complexity
  • Astrology – The Lunar Nodes – Your Life’s Karmic Path
  • Astrology – Venus – Love, Beauty, Harmony & Values

Expression & Communication πŸ‘¬πŸŒ¬οΈβ™Š

In this module we look at different communication styles & explore the opening of yours & your clients expression

Harnessing the communicatory nature of the Gemini archetype we explore Non Violent Communication & how to coach your clients in this style of communication that is vital for harmonious relating

Special guest, Dr Voice, vocal coach to the stars gives a very special module on opening your voice & communication

We explore the two forces & continue our archetypal journey looking at defining your core & working archetypes as well as exploring the 12 archetypes of the Zodiac

We talk to Mercury, planet of the intellect & communication to give greater understanding to the mind & how best to express our voice in the world & in business

Live Session

  • Mercury – Communication & Intellect
  • The Power Of Language
  • Non Violent Communication

Online Lessons

  • The Sacral Chakra – The Flow Of Life
  • The 3rd House – I Communicate
  • The Masculine & Feminine Energies Of Life
  • The Power Of Language
  • Non Violent Communication
  • Dr Voice – Open Your Expression!
  • Client Communication & Program Boundaries
  • Your 1 Result
  • Creating Your System
  • Money Manifestation
  • Archetypal Exploration Of The Zodiac Wheel
  • Astrology – Gemini/Sagittarius Axis – Student & Teacher
  • Astrology – Mercury – Communication & Intellect

Nurture Your World πŸ¦€πŸŒŠ β™‹

*This is a live community meet up module in Loughton, Essex*

In this module we turn our focus to the theme of nurturing ourselves in order to be in the best place possible to be of service to ourselves & those around us

We embody the nurturing energy of the Cancerian Archetype to learn some fantastic ways to nurture our clients & businesses, creating a beautiful container for our client’s healing process

We begin to learn about the CHEK model of assessment & pain diagnosis to give new insight into your clients & patients health & biomechanical challenges

We explore the Moon as an archetypal concept, learning what it is to create safety & happiness in your inner emotional world

Live Tribe Session In Loughton

  • The Moon – Nurturing Your Inner Emotional World
  • Nurturing clients, business & relationships
  • Masculine & Feminine Dynamics Part 1
  • Embodying Your Leadership Part 1

Online Lessons

  • The Plexus Chakra – Personal Empowerment
  • How the body fits together – The fascia, Anatomy Trains & how they integrate with the sling systems
  • The 4th House – I Nurture
  • Nurturing Yourself
  • I Before We Always!
  • Client Connection & Nurture
  • Working & Core Archetypes
  • What Is The CHEK System?
  • The CHEK Totem Pole
  • Detox Strategies – Colon Cleanse Instructions
  • Astrology – Cancer/Capricorn Axis – Mother & Father
  • Astrology – The Moon – Nurturing Your Inner Emotional World

Heart Leadership 🦁❀️πŸ”₯β™Œ

The theme of this module is leadership from the heart – how we can lead our clients to healing through love

We embody the qualities of the Leo archetype to step into our power as leaders in health & wellbeing & putting out our message whilst being in the playful energy of the inner child

We learn about choice & how to coach clients based on encouraging them to evaluate their choices in life

We continue the detoxification progression by learning about liver cleansing

We learn about the 3 astrological principles of cardinal, fixed & mutable energies

Live Session

  • Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable Energies
  • Embodying Your Leadership Part 2
  • Integrating More Spirituality Into Your Life

Online Lessons πŸ’›

  • The Heart Chakra – The Power Of Love
  • The 5th House – I Play, I Perform
  • The Power Of Love & Infinite Intelligence Of The HeartΒ 
  • Leadership In Your Coaching
  • 3 Choices – Choose Your Destiny
  • Unbound Play!
  • Bringing More Spirituality Into Your Work
  • Detox Strategies – LGB & Castor Oil Detox
  • Energetic Techniques – Your Personal Geometry
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Astrology – Leo/Aquarius Axis – Heart & Mind
  • Astrology – Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable Energies

The Joy of Service πŸ˜ŠπŸŒŽβ™

In this module we look at how best you can serve your clients through improving your service & design meaningful & impactful programs for your clients

We embody the energy of Virgo to embrace the love of service to humanity through grounded practicality, looking at packages, program design & client notetaking software

Continuing our 4 R progression you will learn about the second R – Replacing key nutrients in the body/mind & how to make a number of different fermented foods

We look at how you can integrate bioresonance technology into your business to the benefit of yourself & your clients

We dissect the anatomy of the astrological birthchart to give you the tools to understand your chart at a deeper level

Live Session

  • Your Rising Sign
  • What Does Being In Service Mean?
  • Integrating More Spirituality Into Your Work

Online Lessons

  • The 6th House – I Serve
  • The 4 Doctors – Your Inner Health & Wellness Guidance System
  • 4 Doctor Core Values
  • Creating Your Packages
  • 4 Rs of Gut Healing – 2nd R – Replace
  • Blessing An Object
  • Program Design 1 – Assessment & Prioritization Of Challenges
  • Program Design 2 – The 1-2-3-4 System
  • Cliniko – Notetaking Software For The Organised Practitioner
  • The Healy – Bioresonance Quantum Healing
  • Fermented Food Creation
  • Astrology – Virgo/Pisces Axis – Grounded Service & The Etheric Dreamer
  • Astrology – The Houses & Your Ascendant
  • Astrology – Anatomy Of The Birth chart

The Balance Of Relationship βš–οΈπŸŒ¬οΈβ™Ž

In this module you will learn about coaching the challenges that come with relationship & understand balance between the masculine & feminine principles within relationship at a deeper level

We will embody the energy of Libra to bring harmony & understanding to the themes of relating to others which many clients can find challenging

You learn about The Quantum Dream Team – Your Dream Team for business success whilst continuing our archetypal exploration, looking at the shadow & light principles of the archetypes you have selected earlier in the course

We look at Saturn & Chiron as archetypal themes to uncover where your life challenges lie, empowering you to make change in these areas

Live Session

  • Aspects – The Relationship Between Planets
  • Masculine & Feminine Dynamics Part 2 – Relationship
  • The Mirror Effect


Online Lessons

  • The 7th House – I Relate
  • The Mirror Effect
  • Coaching Relationship Challenges
  • Archetypes – The Light & Shadow
  • The Quantum Dream Team
  • Detox Strategies – Halide Detox
  • Energetic Techniques – Masculine & Feminine Dance & How To Create Your Own!
  • Astrology – Saturn & Chiron – Your Challenges
  • Astrology – Aspects

Transformation Of The Shadow πŸ¦‚πŸŒŠβ™

*This is a live community meet up module in Loughton, Essex*

In this module we take a deep dive into the shadow, developing the living awareness that the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek the most

We embody the energy of Scorpio to delve into the depths of ourselves to alchemise the challenges we face into gold, transforming pain into empowerment

In this module we look in depth at Jung’s concept of the tension of the opposites, seeing how they operate within our lives

You will learn how to assess your clients posture & health conditions from the emotional/energetic level & learn the connection between mind & body at a deeper level

We learn about the themes of the chakras & how to coach clients based on our energetic findings

We will take a dive into the tarot & how you can use it for yourself & in your client sessions

We will cover a powerful energetic purge technique & how to harmonise your energetic work with the cycles of the moon

We will cover Pluto as an archetypal theme to learn where your source of deep power lies

Live Tribe Session In Loughton

  • Pluto – Your Nuclear Power Plant Of Transformation
  • Exploring The Shadow
  • Archetypes – The Light & Shadow
  • Energetic & Emotional Postural Assessment Strategies

Online Lessons

  • The 8th House – I Transform
  • The Power Of Vulnerability
  • Emotional Holding Postures
  • Correlating Energetic Imbalances To Structural Imbalances
  • Chakral Coaching
  • The Survival Archetypes
  • Emotional & Energetic Purge Techniques Harmonised With Moon Cycles
  • Tarot – The Basic Principles
  • The Tarot Spellbook
  • Integrating Artwork Into Your Coaching
  • Astrology – Pluto – Your Nuclear Power Plant Of Transformation

Abundance Expansion 🏹πŸ”₯♐

In this module we focus on enhancing your abundance within your relationships & business

We will explore embodiment of the energy of the Sagittarius archetype to bring enthusiasm, optimism & abundance to all that you touch!

In this module we will cover a number of different themes relating to money & the millionaire consciousness

We continue the archetypal journey by learning how to empower ourselves & our clients with Archetypal Embodiment

We will take a dive into the Mayan calendar within this module, learning about the themes the Mayans deem essential to the health & wellbeing of the human being

We explore Jupiter, looking at where your luck & abundance in life lies!

Live Session

  • Jupiter – Your Luck & Life Abundance
  • Creating An Abundant Life
  • Archetypes – Core & Working

Online Lessons

  • The Throat Chakra – The Expression Of Truth
  • The 9th House – I Expand
  • Business Expansion
  • The Quantum Dream Team Part 2
  • Archetypal Empowerment
  • Millionaire Consciousness
  • The Ebb & Flow of money
  • Mayan Calendar Overview
  • Astrology – Jupiter – Your Luck & Abundance

Ascend The Mountain πŸπŸŒŽβ™‘

In this module we are focused on how best you can ascend within your career & business

Embodying the energy of Capricorn, the career driven mountain goat, you will learn a number of strategies in business management & creation to help you each the top of the mountain!

We cover a successful sales process for therapists & coaches & empower you to move through any blocks you may have when it comes to sales & how to leverage your time so that your business works for you

We cover how to build courses for your clients & open the potential of creating passive income through this modality

In astrology we cover Saturn & Chiron to discover where your challenges are & bring context to them making them easier to overcome

Live Session

  • Saturn & Chiron – Empowerment Through Challenges & Wounding
  • Climbing The Mountain
  • The Survival Archetypes

Online Lessons

  • The 10th House – I Ascend
  • Anger, The Liver & The Father
  • Leverage Your Time So Your Business Works For You
  • The 4 R Process – 3rd R – Reinoculate
  • The Assessment Consultation Setup
  • How To Create A Course
  • Astrology – Saturn – Do The Work!

You Are Unique! πŸΊπŸŒ¬οΈβ™’

In this module we discover & embrace your individuality & unique gifts that you bring to the world

We call upon the energy of the Aquarius archetype to celebrate our uniqueness & discover how we can serve the collective humanity at a deeper level

We cover key coaching themes around addiction & delve into Life Process Maps – 4 stages of consciousness of ourselves & clients that require 4 different methods of coaching

We cover the fungus & parasite protocol to improve ours & our clients health to dramatic results

We cover Uranus – Planet of the unorthodox & rebellion to delve into our unique offering as a coach, therapist, friend, family member & soul

Live Session

  • Uranus – Embracing Your Uniqueness
  • The 4 Addictions
  • Busting Sales Blocks!

Online Lessons

  • The Third Eye – Awakening Intuitive Insight
  • The 11th House – I Am Unique
  • Your Unique Edge
  • Life Process Maps
  • The 4 Addictions
  • 4 R Process – Fungus & Parasite Protocol
  • Astrology – Uranus – Unorthodox Rebellion!

Dreamweaver πŸŸπŸŒŠπŸ’™β™“

*This is a live community ceremonial closing weekend in Loughton, Essex*

In our last module we look towards the future & the dreams we wish to weave for it to a beautiful & joyous one!

Connecting with the archetype of Pisces we explore our dreams & sense of spirituality & connection to Great Spirit

We explore the empowerment of your Legacy & the 4 Stages Of Love to give you everything needed to realise your dream

We round off the 4 R gut healing protocol with Repair & Seal

We will cover a number of client case studies giving you a lot of real life application & knowledge of challenges & what to do for them

In astrology there will be a putting it all together section as well as an exploration of the Neptune archetype to discover where your blindspots may lie!

We will close the works with a live module followed by evening cacao ceremony where there will be an opportunity to express through music & dance – if you have a song, poem, routine or anything else that is dear to your heart then there is a fantastic opportunity during the ceremony to express!

Live Session

  • Astrology – Summary & Putting It All Together!
  • Life Process Maps
  • The 4 Developmental Stages Of Love

Online Lessons

  • The Crown Chakra – Connection With The Divine
  • The 12th House – I Dream
  • Your Legacy
  • The 4 Stages Of Love
  • Client Case Studies
  • 4th R – Repair & Seal
  • Astrology – Neptune – Beauty & Illusion
  • Astrology – Putting it all together!
  • Secret Bonus LessonπŸ’›
  • Secret Gift

Sample Podcast 12 Faces of the Warrior

Here is a sample module from the course; The 12 Faces of The Warrior.

In this module we explore the warrior archetype in respect to the leadership qualities of the warrior archetype through the lenses of the 12 Zodiac signs.

We learn how each sign is a warrior & leader in its own right & in its own respective field.

I hope it inspires you to embody your warriorship today!

About Me

Jess Farmer

Hey there! I’m Jess Farmer, a Holistic Health Practitioner and Pain Transformation Specialist, dedicated to guiding my clients and patients towards their healing journey through my business, FΓ¦nix Coaching.

With a background in mechanical engineering, personal training, long-distance endurance athletics, and adventure cycling, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the human body’s physicality. Over time, I combined this knowledge with mental, emotional, and energetic principles to offer holistic healing at multiple levels for my clients and patients.

In my early 20s, I struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression, which led me to take a break from my engineering job. However, this challenging period became a catalyst for personal growth. I managed to complete the Ironman triathlon in Switzerland, embark on a cycling expedition from San Francisco to Mexico, establish a charity to provide medical equipment to The Gambia, and become a qualified CHEK Practitioner and manual therapist. Additionally, I built a social enterprise gym called Gymbia and later founded Fænix Coaching to help people heal, rehabilitate, and enhance their lives.

FΓ¦nix Coaching offers a comprehensive holistic health and pain rehabilitation service. We address all aspects and systems that make up a client’s makeup, aiming to identify the root cause of any challenges within the body. Furthermore, we provide training for coaches and therapists to empower them in their craft.

The inspiration for the Practitioner Empowerment Course (PEC) came when I sent a prayer for the support, guidance, and success of my CHEK friends who were facing business challenges. To my surprise, just 20 seconds later, a voice other than mine responded, saying, “You do it!” Encouraged by this, I embarked on creating the PEC to support my friends, and it turned out to be a transformative journey for all of us.

The PEC was built on the foundations of love, support, care, knowledge, community, and tribe. By focusing on these values, I was able to deepen my role as a teacher and align with my astrological North Node of Aquarius, which revolves around building community.

Facilitating the PEC was an incredible experience filled with joy and fulfillment. Witnessing the weekly transformations happening within the participants, including myself, was truly amazing. However, my favorite part was the bonds and friendships that were formed and deepened among the practitioners.

Thanks to the outstanding success and positive feedback from the first course, I am even more inspired to share and facilitate absolute empowerment for practitioners like you and others!

Sending you much love, Jess πŸ’š

PEC Alumni


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