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Dr Quiet

Meditation is the act of clearing our minds, which has a calming effect that ripples out into the rest of our life. If you search the benefits of meditation you will find the list in the hundreds!

Many people can use meditation for many things and it is definitely something that everyone can benefit from with many successful people throughout all walks of life & varying professions utilizing meditation to great effect.

I personally find it a great way to begin the day as it brings me into a state of centered calmness. It helps a lots as well as if the to do list gets a bit overwhelming or if I am stressed. If I have the time I like to go for 30 mins however 5-10 mins can make a difficult situation a lot easier.

I also find that you can come to some profound conclusions about certain things in your life & life in general when you take a step back & think without thinking by disengaging the busy thinking brain.

How to begin doing it –

The main thing here is to focus on your breath; imagine breathing in oxygen that is then going to travel into your lungs, then into your bloodstream & heart which then will go to ever cell in your body, giving it life. Slow deep breaths are good & whenever your mind wanders return to the breath.

Once you have a good focus on the breath notice the sights, sounds & sensations all around you in the present moment, which is called being present.

When you are fully in the present moment things can appear brighter & sharper as you are paying full attention to them instead of being distracted by the busy mind. It’s good to do this in nature where possible.

All throughout this your mind will be interrupting & continually coming in to distract you. Every time this happens refocus on the breath.

You may only last a few seconds before more thoughts come in, this is fine (& perfectly normal!) just without judgment return to the breath each time. I say without judgment because it is easy to start berating yourself for your mind coming in with thoughts which is counterproductive (but may well happen at the start which is fine) to the meditation.

Pay attention with curiosity & no judgment where your mind goes & what kinds of thoughts come in & you will begin to learn things about yourself.

Set an alarm for 10 mins at first & build that habit of 10 mins. When you feel ready you can start increasing the time but it is more important to get the consistency of doing it every day than for doing it for a long time.

I generally prefer silence but there is an app called Headspace which is a good introduction for helping you to meditate & keep track of it.

I would also strongly advise reading the book “The Power Of Now” https://www.eckharttolle.com/books/now/ as a great introduction to meditation & describes many other foundation concepts that are good to know.

It’s only a short book. The basic theory being that the past is no longer a thing so there’s no point worrying about it, the future isn’t actually real yet so again, no point worrying, what you’re left with is the present which is pretty sweet & to be enjoyed!

The last point is that everyone expects to be good at meditation with the silenced mind like the monk on the mountain. The reality is that most of us lead busy city lives with many distractions that cause the mind to be frequently busy.

You can view meditation kind of like lifting weights for the brain – the more you practice, the stronger your focus, awareness & ability to stay calm becomes.

Injoy this fantastic practice that has benefitted billions of people! J

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