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Archetypes – Who are you?

Archetypes are patterns of thought that are universal in the collective human unconscious hypothesised by Carl Jung – no matter where you go in the world we can all identify with them eg King, Queen, Warrior, Magician, Healer, Teacher & so on.

When we live to fulfill our natural archetypes we live happy & fulfilling lives & are in alignment without true purposes in life. Our archetpyes also point to the areas in life that we need to heal in order to move forward & develop ourselves.
We all have 12 main archetypes that interplay with eachother & make us who we are & how we navigate through life. Think of it like a map of the psyche that is different to everyone. Also everyone will have their own unique expression of the same archetype – The archetype is like the thumb but the individual expression is like the thumb print – no two are the same. There are 8 dominant archetypes & 4 survival archetypes.
  • We all have 12 main archetypes that interplay with eachother & make us who we are & shape how we navigate through life.
  • 4 Core archetypes that form our operating system that form in our early years
  • 4 Survival archetypes that we tend to fall into when in circumstances whereby we feel a threat to our survival in some way. These archetypes are the same for everyone. They are – The Victim, Saboteur, Prostitute & Child. These sound negative but in truth no archetype is good or bad – they are neutral however we express light & shadow aspects of each archetype. When aware of the shadow aspects this points us towards what we may need to heal.
  • 4 Working archetypes – these are what you are growing or developing yourself into within your life.
    As an example of some archetypes how they may play out; Teacher, Healer, Engineer, Caregiver & Hermit.  – figuring things out in a process (engineer) in order to help people heal (healer) while teaching them in the process of that (teacher). All of it comes under the caregiver & Hermit due to the need to acquire knowledge in order to know what to do to help the person heal/deliver care. This scenario could fit a doctor, coach, healer, physio etc
    To begin working through your archetypes you can start looking through the list in the links below & pick the 8-12 archetypes that pull you the most.
    This is not an intellectual activity, more a feeling based one so I would advise doing some meditation or qi-gong prior to going through the list to shift you into the right brain/creative space. Then feel through the list & see what resonates. I recommend looking up what each one is as well so you have a fuller understanding of what each one means.
    Once you have your list go through them & see if you can see how they play out. Revisit your list after a week or so as some may have changed – be open to these moving around as it can take a little bit of time to get fully settled in the ones that work for you.
    Once again this is very much a feeling based activity – look for the archetypes that light you up & enjoy a deeper understanding of yourself.
    Definitions & examples of the archetypes if you are not sure what some of them mean; https://www.myss.com/free-resources/sacred-contracts-and-your-archetypes/appendix-a-gallery-of-archtypes/
    It is also important to understand the 4 survival archetypes, particularly if going through challenging times as they are likely to be active. They are there to teach you things so that you can move through them & heal. https://www.myss.com/free-resources/sacred-contracts-and-your-archetypes/appendix-the-four-archetypes-of-survival/

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